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I enjoy painting people -- either of a character I imagined, or a more abstract representation of people I know.  I like painting them on large canvases and enjoy piecing elements into the painting one by one until the person or character becomes part of this made up backdrop.  I like to play around with brush strokes, colors, and textures and pattern.


I also enjoy creating abstract representations of human experiences.  When I paint abstractly, I am able to go beyond normal physical attributes and simply focus on the emotion and  experience.  Once again, because I paint spontaneously, I like to work on large surfaces to be able to express freely.


I grew up in Manila, Philippines and have lived in Tucson, San Francisco, Phoenix, and for the past 10 years have lived in the beautiful and historic Steveston Village in Richmond B.C. (close to Vancouver)and love everything about it!


My journey as an artist started as a young child... creating  paper dolls, christmas ornaments, hair accessories, stuffed animals, dresses, homes and furniture for my Barbie dolls...and the list goes on.  In my teenage years, I wrote scripts for short plays,  was an actor, director and costume designer for various drama club plays,  and I even dabbled into fiber arts...


Thinking back, most of my fond memories were of  times when I was creating something.


In spite of being drawn so much to creativity, I didn't think it would lead to anything serious.  In fact, I went on to study business (a BS and an MBA!) and was a sales and marketing professional for several years.  It was only  when I had children and had time off from work that I was once again reunited with my creative pursuits... I always looked forward to my free time and got engrossed in sewing and designing children's clothing, firing glass art, graphic design... and at long last I was finally acquainted with my true passions... painting and photography.  Life has been a joyous ride ever since!


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BORN:  1976, Philippines

Lives and works in Vancouver, B.C.








2013:   Artistworks Online School with Justin BUA

2013:   Phoenix Art Workshop with Mark Glavina and Leo Hu

2007:  Yervant Workshop

2007:  Jesh De Rox Seminar

2000:   University of Arizona, USA MBA in Marketing

1997:   De La Salle University, Philippines BS Economics




Regent International Corporate Display, Ongoing

Vernissage, 2011, Vancouver BC





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